Inaugural Edition, 2009


Second Edition, 2011


Third Edition, 2014


Fourth Edition, 2018


Be part of a beautiful community...

Welcome to the Edison - Highland Park - East Brunswick Community Directory website.

Reaching a key demographic market of over 1,500 households and growing, the directory serves as a powerful vehicle for your targeted advertisements.


We're excited to announce that we will be printing the 4th Edition of the Edison - Highland Park - East Brunswick Community Directory later this year!

Thanks to all who have made the first three editiosn such a success -- our block captains, salespeople, advertisers and most importantly the community at large who have shown such overwhelming support and unity for this project.

Now is your chance to submit any updates or changes to your listing, or to be included if you were omitted in the third edition.

Click here to add your contact information online or email your information to and include:

NAME(S) and TITLE(S) as you would like them to appear
PHONE NUMBER(S) -- please designate a primary number if you include more than one
EMAIL ADDRESS(ES) -- this is optional; feel free to omit 
MAIN SHUL AFFILIATION(S) -- NOT for publication, but rather to help ensure everyone gets a copy; e.g. AA, AI, AY, EA, OE, OT, etc.

Did you receive a complimentary copy of the directory?  If so, please consider making a donation so we can continue to supply the directory free of charge to new residents and at subsidized rates for the community at large.  And please vote for your local charity of choice on our "News" page, as profits from every edition go towards a local charitable organization.


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